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Amazon employees launch mass defiance of company communications policy in support of colleagues

Despite warnings not to speak out, more than 300 Amazon staffers will publicly call out the company for its climate policy, its work with federal agencies and its attempts to stifle dissent.

Trump administration says it will take aim at online counterfeits, seek tougher enforcement

The measures seek to take “immediate action” against counterfeit goods by imposing fines and other penalties on online marketplaces, where the majority of counterfeit products are sold by third-party merchants.

FICO credit score changes could punish people who struggle to manage debts

The new models are intended to help spot people in a financial crisis — before they take on more debt, and reward good borrowers

Pentagon nixes proposal to toughen limits on U.S. sales to Huawei

A Commerce Department effort to toughen limits on U.S. exports of technology to Huawei is in disarray following Pentagon objections

A simple tweak could tell us how much tax America’s largest companies actually pay

Even with the required SEC disclosures, it’s practically impossible to figure out how much tax companies pay in any given year. But there is a fix for that.

Global markets swoon as lethal virus in China spreads

Investors worry about the global economy, as Chinese authorities lock down the city of Wuhan, where the virus appeared.

Davos elite want to plant 1 trillion trees to help the planet, but many still fight a carbon tax

At Davos, everyone was talking about climate change. But many weren't ready for big action to address it.

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